Note: You have a right to safe and secure housing which is suitable for you and your children (not damp, not overcrowded). There are also laws to protect people. If you are facing any kind of housing issue, it’s important to get good advice as soon as you can. Examples of when you might need help include if you’re at risk of homelessness for any reason, for example relationship breakdown, domestic abuse, eviction for rent arrears or if there’s overcrowding or you need help with housing costs, housing arrears, furnishings and so on. You can find out more about housing rights from our Advice and Information Service.

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<!–If you’d like more information or any help with the sorts of things that single parents tell us affect their lives, visit our website . You can find other parents’ stories, answers to common questions and details of our counselling service, advice helpline, online chat and local support. If we can’t help, we can put you in touch with someone who can.–>

You’ll find lots of useful information about health and wellbeing here. If you need advice on issues such as welfare benefits, separation or child maintenance contact our Lone Parent Helpline or chat to us online.

If you need urgent help anytime

  • Phone the Samaritans: free helpline always open at 116 123.
  • Phone 999 if it’s an emergency (for example risk to your or someone else’s life).
  • If it’s a health issue (but not an emergency) phone NHS 24 on 111. More health info at NHS inform.